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I am a Responsible, Ethical and Authentic Lifelong member of Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta’s Leadership development focuses on every single member of the sorority. Not solely on members while they are in college, but rather, as a readily available system – 365 days a year and through multiple channels – for all members. To that end, REAL Leadership consists of comprehensive and accessible resources, leadership events and social media initiatives as well as in-chapter and educational programming.


REAL Leadership doesn’t end when a strong girl becomes a REAL Leader or when a REAL Leader graduates from college. It continues as women raise families, take leaps in their careers, lead teams, give back to their communities and give back to Gamma Phi Beta.

"I am commited to leadership today, tomorrow and always.
I am commited to passing the gift of leadership on to those around me, young and old."
Gamma Phi Beta Convention 2018
The Alpha Alpha Executive Team travels to Dallas, Texas.

Convention is a unique experience for Gamma Phis across North America. Every other year members from the ages of 18 to 85 gather in a new North American city to celebrate sisterhood and learn about what it means to be a Gamma Phi Beta.


This year's convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Four of our sisters attended. There they met Gamma Phi women from across the United States and Canada.


Convention lasted four days - days in which new bonds were formed between sisters, and new information about the organization was imparted upon members. Our members came home with many ideas of how to make Gamma Phi Beta at The University of Toronto a better organization.


They cannot wait until the next convention, where they will once again rediscover and reimagine their sisterhood in Gamma Phi Beta.

- Haleigh Ryan



Jordin Baltzer


As Chapter President, Jordin has the opportunity to work with all departments in the sorority. She oversees the day to day operations of our organization and all the work of our executive council officers. She also acts as a resource for our executive council team to help manage their departments. 

Ava Wombwell


Vice President

As Administrative Vice President, Ava keeps our chapter in close contact with the Regional Coordinators and International Headquarters but also assists the President in her duties. All the while working with the executive board to set new goals for each semester, developing committees so that each member has an opportunity to get involved, and making sure Alpha Alpha has a thorough understanding of Gamma Phi Beta’s policies, procedures, and expectations

Natalia Corvalan


Vice President

As Membership Vice President, Natalia is responsible for creating the membership recruitment program that will influence the most qualified young women to pledge Gamma Phi Beta. She does so by planning the whole recruitment process, as well as overseeing the retention of our members throughout the year. 

Sarah Li


Vice President 

As Education Vice President, Sarah's job is to oversee all of our chapters educational programming.  This includes new member education, personal and chapter enrichment events, ritual activities, and working closely with REAL wellness, scholarship, and sisterhood departments to ensure that all chapter activities run smoothly and that active members get the most of their Gamma Phi Beta experience. 

Sierra Brown-Rodriguez

Public Relations

Vice President

As Public Relations Vice President, it is Sierra's job to monitor and manage the relationships Gamma Phi Beta has with its publics. Her department plans events such as philanthropy events, Moonball, Parents’ Weekend, formals, socials, and alumnae events. PR is also continually working to improve our social media presence.

Nunu Bigdeli


Vice President

As Financial Vice President, Nunu is responsible for managing all of the chapter’s funds by creating the budget, paying chapter bills and international dues; by keeping financial records and sending out chapter dues each semester. She strives to educate all members of our chapter the needs and benefits of being financially responsible.

Giuliana Bertoia-Agredo

Panhellenic Affairs

Vice President

As our Panhellenic Affairs Vice President, Giuli's goal is to maintain a positive relationship with the UofT and Panhellenic community. She represents Gamma Phi Beta along with the Panhellenic Council by inspiring support toward other chapters, by participating in philanthropic events, involving everybody in campus activities, and attending Panhellenic events.

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